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Related post: Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 22:51:18 EDT From: SpankThoseButzaol.com Subject: "Richard Bucket" (Part Three)OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER: This story toplist nudist pics is FICTION based upon FICTION characters "KEEEPING UP APPEARANCES" is a BBC production, and children toplist cp is written and directed by Harold Snoad. Well, guys, toplist forum japan sex here is Part Three of the "Richard Bucket" series....I was kid nudist toplist totally floored when I saw how much interest teen bikini toplist the past two chapters generated, and am only too glad toplist nudism to toplist raping sex add another chapter to the series. In this chapter, that "dishy Vicar" is about to join Richard and Emmett cp pic toplist dark illegal toplist in some hot, sweaty, cum-blasting man-sex......UNZIP ANDENJOY! Emmett, to say the least, was pretty surprised to see Richard return with the Vicar. Emmett had certainly had had cute angels toplist his hot fantasies about that "dishy" children hardcore porn toplist Vicar, almost as much as he'd toplist asian fantasized about Richard. "Emmett, " Richard grinned, non nude pretten toplist his hand sliding down the Vicar's back to grab his illegal toplist cp meaty, firm arse through his black clerical trousers, "the Vicar wants toplist teen porn to join us for a little fun....I told him boy girl sex toplist you wouldn't mind!" russian nudity toplist The Vicar grinned at that, his eyes focusing on the sizeable illegal sex toplist 14yr bulge behind Emmett's fly. Emmett shook topkds toplist the Vicar's broad hand and patted his shoulder. russia toplist toplist 66 sexy kds "Vicar, " he adult teens toplist said, grinning an evil grin "Richard and I would only be too happy to allow teen nudist toplist 15 you to join us.......just us three men.....and NO HYACINTH.....that damned woman's always singing atme!" "Thanks, Emmett," the teen toplist Vicar replied, taking off his jacket and laying it over the back of the chair in the corner. incest toplist daddy "I got kiddie toplists quite an eyeful of you both earlier...I just HAD to get in on this.....it's been too long since I did some really meaningful 'male bonding'!" Without warning, the Vicar put his arms around Richard and Emmett's shoulders and 3d incest art toplist pulled the two horny men close. Three sets of manly lips were brought together, and the Vicar's thick tongue entwined with Emmett's and Richard's, and the three friends moaned and muttered as they deep-kissed, thier hands all over extreme toplist fuck hardcore cp toplist each other, thier powerful hardons throbbing in thier trousers. Abrubtly, Richard pulled away and said to the Vicar: "Vicar, would maxwell teen toplist you like to try something really hot...something I've fantasized about for years now? " The Vicargrinned. "Certainly, Richard, what do you have in mind?" Richard continued, "What kind of underwear do you akt toplist wear, Vicar?" The Vicar chuckled and replied, " Boxer shorts, Richard." Richard grinned broadly, feeling his thick cock again leaking lube into his own striped boxers. "Well, Vicar, " Richard eagerly explained, "You and I face each toplist teen angel porn other and we stick our erections into the fly of each anime videos toplist sex other's shorts...we just thrust back and toplist child cum forth, and kiss...and feel each other up, paedo toplist and then we end tpg toplist up shooting really big loads into each others' shorts!" The Vicar really liked that idea! "Richard, that sounds smashing, old boy...why don't we nonnude toplist get started?" For the time bieng, Emmett was happy to be a spectator. He rubbed his pounding asian sex toplist cock through his trousers as he watched hot world teens toplist Richard sex toplist videos drop his pinstripe suit pants as the Vicar dropped teen non nude toplist his black child rape toplist clerical trousers. Like Richard, the Vicar also wore garters, and Emmett felt his balls churn at thesight. The Vicar wore very tight light green tapered boxers, and, as was obvious from the huge preeteen toplist 100 bulge in the crotch, was really hung as well. The snug boxers accentuated the curves of his well-rounded arse, making Emmett lick his lips inanticipation. "Right, Vicar," Richard said, "let's get started!" vip boy toplist Richard pulled russian innocent angel toplist out his thick, beer-can cock and the Vicar reached into his shorts and pulled out a topless teen 14yo toplist humongous cock that must have been at least nine-and-a-half inches long! "Ye, Gods, Vicar," Emmett growled "that is one prime example ofmanhood!" The Vicar flashed him a wicked, sexy smile. True, the Vicar was married, but, was really bisexual, and, at that, leaning more towards the males than nn teen 100 toplist the females. It had been a while since the Vicar had teen art toplist done some serious "male-bonding"...... Richard whistled toplist lollitas in admiration as the Vicar's huge cock started snaking block cock toplist into the fly of his stripedboxers. Richard then shoved his own meaty cock into the fly of the Vicar's boxers, and, without further words, Richard Bucket and the handsome Vicar started humping against one another, thier tongues dueling in each others' mouths, thier hands exploring each other's round backsides, loving the sensous feeling of feeling thier throbbing erections rubbing together..in each others'shorts! Emmett now could no longer hold back. He dropped to his knees behind toplist nn teen girls the Vicar, and pulled the seat of the Vicar's boxers to just nudist tiny boys toplist below his hairy, well-contoured hardcore preeteen toplist bum. A thick jungle petite angels toplist of black hair sprouted from the crack and Emmett's slim, well-tuned fingers pried the Vicar's furry arsecheeks apart and the Vicar gasped as he 16yr topless toplist defloration felt Emmett's tongue slither into his fur-lined crack. "MMMNNNNNNnnnnnnnhhhhhhh..." the Vicar moaned, toplist illegal boys feeling underground teen pics toplist hot jolts of lust rock his prostate as Emmett's tongue teased and stabbed at toplist hymen his sweaty puckered chute. Emmett was indeed a man on a mission, lotita toplist for, after incest sex toplist he had gotten the Vicar's arsehole good and slick, and had prodded russian porn toplist it with his long fingers, he stood up and dropped amature toplist his own trousers, and pulled the front of his sweaty Y-fronts down to just below his bloatedballs. Then, suddenly, the Vicar gasped, as he felt the slick, lube-oozing head of Emmett's pounding cock press against his slowly-yielding sphincter. "OOOOOHHGOD!!!!!" the Vicar yelped, as Emmett's erection slid deeper and deeper between his hairy clergyman's bumcheeks. Hearing the Vicar moan made Richard thrust a little more forcibly, and, by now, both Richard's and the Vicar's undershorts were both 15 yo toplist nude splotched with each others' lube, thier hard cocks sliding against one another, coated withsweat. Soon enough, Emmett's hairy low-hangers toplist cp lol were up against the Vicar's bared, furry backside, toplist bikini teens and, incest pic toplists without any warming teen toplist 100 sex up, started fucking the dishy Vicar's hot, toplist girls teen round arse like there was df kdz toplist no tomorrow. "OOHHHDAMMNN!!!" the Vicar growled "OHGODDDD..YESSS..EMMETT..POUND ME GOOD..IT'S BEEN toplist cp illegal TOO yong pron toplist LONG, MAN!!" The Vicar's strong hands had slid down Richard's sweaty back , and brushing aside his shirttails, gothic sex toplist link slid down into Richard's boxers to rub and grab his plump, hairy arsecheeks. Richard grunted in pleasure when he felt the Vicar's fingers start to tease his sweat-slick sphincter, driving toplist kdz him nearly insane with lust. Emmett reached around both the Vicar AND Richard, and now, had the two men incest toplist pic embraced in top nude toplist child a tight bear-hug as he relentlessy fucked toplist sex trailer the Vicar's sexy rump. toplist russian nudist toplist russians non nude pornography toplist Seeing the Vicar's clergyman's collar made Richard even hotter, knowing that he was getting it on with not only Emmett, but that handsome Vicar from St.Mark's! "DAMN!" Emmett thought "the Vicar's arse is as toplist girl russia tight as Hyacinth's voice is annoying!" The Vicar could tell that Emmett hungarian sex toplist was no stranger to fucking another man's arse, as that big cock battered his thrumming prostate, and his cum-loaded balls thudded against his round, hairy cheeks with each hard thrust. illegal df toplist Both Richard's and the Vicar's boxers were now sweaty and well-splotched kiddy pics toplist with each other's lube, and the erotic feel of each others' 3d yong hentai toplist cocks grinding against one another while imprisoned xxx video toplists in each others' shorts was simply too erotic for mere words. Emmett licked and nibbled the Vicar's ears and neck as he fucked him hard andfast. Suddenly, the Vicar cried out, "OH, GOOD LORD....YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!" and his hairy nuts unleashed a massive explosion of cum, and his fat cock started spurting thick, forcibly-ejected jets of clergyman's cum into Richard's sweaty executive boxers. The Vicar grabbed onto nude video toplist Richard's hairy arse teen toplist thai and held tight as his cock continued to spew hot toplist nude angels jizz into the stocky fellow's shorts. The Vicar's toplist x teen nudist hot load comic sex toplist matted Richar's pubic jungle, and now, the feeling of that hot cum flooding his shorts cartoon toplist 3d porn brought Richard toplist girl horse over the edge as well. "OOHH,VICAR..YES...OH, VICAR..OOHHH..OOHHH..UGHHH..UUGHHH!!" 3d toons toplist Cramming his tongue deeper into the Vicar's hot mouth, Richard's fat dong let loose with scalding volleys of nasty underground toplist white collar-sperm, those hot, thick girl kds toplist cp spurts soaking the Vicar's tapered boxers, slithering down his hairy legs. The Vicar's asshole started to spasm as df toplist boys he reached his peak, flexing and kneading Emmett's arse-poundingshaft. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!" Emmett snarled as his throbbing cock let loose, injecting spurt after sticky spurt of jizz between the Vicar's hairy, quivering buttocks. So violently was Emmett screwing the Vicar's furry bum, that his free toplist stars nude pistoning incest comixs toplist cock had whipped his thick sperm to a froth, and, now, as Emmett withdrew his spent dong from the Vicar's well-abused arse, frothy jizz flowed freely out of the Vicar's chute, matting his crack-hairs, kdz sample toplist and dribbling into his pulled-down shorts. Reluctantly, both Richard and the Vicar pulled thier now-deflating cocks out of one anothers' shorts, which, of course, were now totally soaked with free rape toplist thier hotcum-loads. The Vicar moaned anew as he felt Emmett's hot tongue lapping up his cum as it dribbled steadily from his battered rectum. As Richard planted a quick, sloppy kiss on the Vicar's sexy lips, the Vicar looked towards the cieling and silently muttered, " ...no wonder I endorse same-sex marriages!" THE END Hope you've all enjoyed! Comments and feedback are always welcome! Coming soon, in Part Four of the "Richard Bucket" series, Richard pays a visit to his big, hulking bear of a brother-in-law, Onslow.........
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